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Here’s a quick and easy one for you all. I found my turntable recently, just in time for my copy of the new Daft Punk album to arrive in the mail. While listening to it, I decided that I wanted to post the album art on my wall, but I didn’t want to risk any adhesives or tacks damaging my precious albums. I thought about building a shelf or a bookcase, but I also happened to be lazy and low on cash.

After browsing Home Depot aimlessly for a while, I found myself looking at wall trim. I found a strip of 1/2 in J trim and almost squealed in joy, in a tough and masculine way, of course. This was exactly what I needed, and would only run me $7 for 12 feet of the stuff.



The plan was fairly simple. I would cut the trim into 3 inch pieces, drill two holes on the long side of the trim, and then mount them on my wall using wood screws. I would need two pieces on the bottom to hold up the vinyl, and then one piece on top to keep it from falling over. The half inch trim would be big enough to hold even a double album, but small enough to stop single albums from moving around too much.

2013-05-22 12.48.56

A three inch piece, with the two holes drilled in.

I put up 11 albums this way before deciding that I had enough for the time being. I still have enough pieces left to put up about four or five more if I want to.

Here are some images of my walls, decorated by some of my favorite pieces of album art.






The best part about this setup is that if I want to replace an album with something else, or listen to one of them, it slides out easily. The record is completely unharmed, and I can easily slide it right back in.



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  1. Interesting idea. Could use a little refinement though… I would suggest that screws that mount flat against the brackets (instead of the dome top screws) are important to keep from accidentally scratching the covers. Also, I would make certain that the brackets are de-burred after cutting for the same reason.

    Also, while this will work well for single / double albums, anyone that has box sets of records might need to search for a different solution since box sets can often be thicker than 1/2″.

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