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Alright, huge update. Lots of words incoming.

First off, I hit a huge snag in the process.

2013-04-11 16.32.49

I created the cable I needed. It did not work.

2013-04-09 15.51.42

I created another one. It did not work.

2013-04-09 15.46.14

I switched to store-bought converters, rather than making my own. It did not work.

I was stumped. I was certain that I uploaded the correct code to the SaikoLED. I was certain that I was using the correct wires on my ethernet cable. But I wasn’t certain of anything else. Was the cable actually good? Was the software actually outputting anything? Was I converting the signal correctly? Was the unit itself working? I gave up on trying to finish the project on my own and took the next logical step. I went to i3Detroit and asked for a second opinion.

I met up with fellow hackerspace-member Andrew. He was very willing to help me figure out what was wrong. The first thing we did was rebuild the conversion cable, testing it with an oscilloscope and Artemis itself to make sure that serial data was being output. It was. This was excellent news, as we were now able to narrow the problem down to the unit itself.

Were the switches in the right position? Yes. Was the cable plugged into the right port? Yes. Was it getting power? Yes. Andrew then looked over the schematic, realizing something after a few times through.

2013-04-16 20.39.27

There’s a component missing! Furthermore, this is the component we needed to send the DMX signals to the Arduino. We were able to find a spare one and solder it on.

2013-04-16 20.43.30

We put it back inside of its enclosure and started everything back up. After clicking ‘Start Game’ in Artemis, the light suddenly came on! We had a white light filling the room! After cheering and jumping around, we exit Artemis and booted up Madrix. The results of that can be seen below, as Andrew controls the program to output various colors to the LED, using DMX.

All that’s left to do is mount the unit permanently inside our gaming area, and record some gameplay footage. Stay tuned for my final SaikoLED update!


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