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I came home today to find a package waiting for me. Since I haven’t ordered anything recently, I realized that it’s more than likely the prototype MyKi light. Feeling like a kid on Christmas, I quickly opened the package and gazed upon the metal encased beauty before me.

2013-04-08 12.40.06

Okay, so right off the bat, I’m incredibly impressed with the build quality. I would feel perfectly comfortable mounting this on a wall or ceiling in our gaming area at i3Detroit. I then looked along the sides of the case for any inputs that I should be aware of. I couldn’t believe how much I lucked out.

2013-04-08 12.41.04

I wasn’t entirely sure what those ports were. I assumed it was some kind of network control for the unit. Looking at the board, however…

2013-04-08 12.40.41

DMX INPUT. I didn’t have to do anything! All I need to do is find the appropriate cable at the hackerspace (Probably USB to RJ485). This project just became ten times easier. In fact, I can probably wrap everything up by Thursday, or perhaps even tomorrow if I stop by i3Detroit in the afternoon.

Now, how does the light look when it’s plugged in? Is it bright enough? Are the colors vibrant enough to be noticed? I gave Brian Neltner over at SaikoLED a call before plugging it in, making sure that I was feeding it the right amount of power. Winds up that it runs just fine off of standard Micro-USB, such as that on an Android phone charger. I plugged the device in, and was incredibly happy with the result. This thing is bright! I was nearly blinded when I looked into it while plugging it in. I then set it on the table and let it run through its demo mode, realizing just how perfect this light is for our Artemis sessions.

I uploaded a video of the light in test mode. Watch it below.

Update : I completely forgot, but this thing is also sound activated while running the default code. Check it out below!


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